Thursday, December 17, 2015

Today's Elder Care / Senior Care Q&A for Thursday, 12/17/2015

QUESTION:  What is Life Care Planning?

Answered by:
Life Care Planning

Shana Siegel, Esq., CELA

WanderPolo & Siegel, Counselors at Law, LLC

Upper Montclair, New Jersey
An ElderCare Matters Partner

ANSWER: Estate planning is merely one piece of the puzzle for our clients. Life care planning focuses on ensuring a continued quality of life, maintaining independence for as long as possible, and maximizing benefits and community resources. We work with care managers, financial planners, insurance agents, accountants and families to develop a comprehensive plan that is customized to meet your needs. We then coordinate that plan providing you with information and support so you can focus on living your life and have the peace of mind that you are equipped to handle inevitable life challenges.

One of the important differences in life care planning is that elder law attorneys work hand-in-hand with care managers to ensure the client’s medical and psycho-social needs, as well as family dynamics are properly addressed.

21 “Mobile Friendly” Elder Care / Senior Care Directories

If you need help in planning for and/or dealing with this issue or with any Elder Care / Senior Care matter, you can find the professional help you need in one of the following 21Mobile Friendly” Elder Care / Senior Care Directories. These Elder Care / Senior Care – specific Directories are sponsored by the National ElderCare Matters Alliance, an organization of thousands of America’s TOP Elder Care / Senior Care Professsionals who help families plan for and deal with a wide range of Elder Care Matters.

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Today"s Elder Care / Senior Care Q&A for Thursday, 12/17/2015

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