Thursday, November 19, 2015


Should you complete the Medicaid Application yourself? 

Simply stated, the answer is “No”, “No”, and “No”. There are no instructions to explain how to fill-out the Medicaid Application. This results in many hidden traps that must be avoided. Even a retired attorney was fooled into thinking he could fill-out the Medicaid Application. He got a “first-look denial” of benefits for his friend. Medicaid workers, at most offices, don’t know how to fill-out an application. Remember, it is the function of the Medicaid office to deny you benefits that you are entitled too! It can become very adversarial at times. Medicaid wins when you get frustrated with the system and drop your claim for benefits. The private pay rate for a local nursing home is anywhere from $7,000 to $10,000 per month depending upon services needed. Mistakes can be very costly.

21 “Mobile Friendly” Elder Care / Senior Care Directories

If you need help in planning for and/or dealing with this elder care matter or with any Elder Care / Senior Care issue, you can find the help you need in one of the following 21Mobile Friendly” Elder Care / Senior Care Directories. These Elder Care / Senior Care – specific Directories are sponsored by the National ElderCare Matters Alliance, an organization of thousands of America’s TOP Elder Care / Senior Care Professsionals who help families plan for and deal with a wide range of Elder Care Matters.

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